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Infrastructure and integration services

A Warm Welcome

At Apardo, we mean it

‘Finally getting there, feeling understood and taken care of’ – the dearest wish of every person on the run. We at Apardo have set ourselves the task to provide adequate housing for people in need, a place for them to call home. We are not just a mere service provider, but fellow humans who, in some cases, have shared the same experiences. That’s how we truly understand what people need when they must leave their native homes, and in turn, become reliant upon outside support. Refugees or asylum seekers, adolescents with or without a migration background, seniors who are dependent on daily help – we welcome everyone, short term or long term.

Housing, Care, Support

We bring life to terms which often appear cold and distant. We offer perspective and sustainable solutions so that people can face their future with courage and joy. Individuals who have had to abandon their previous lives because of social, political, or economic reasons are often traumatized and scared. It takes far more than a bureaucratically correct and pragmatic solution to compensate for the loss of their livelihoods. They need people they can trust who really understand them and who are able to provide individual solutions. This is the self-understanding of Apardo, how we create humane housing and living spaces.

Housing & Accommodation

We provide humane housing to people seeking protection, and are currently busy
operating several projects in Berlin. However, with our experience and professional
knowledge, we are easily able to put new sites into operation, even on short notice.


In close cooperation with local doctors and the responsible authorities, we provide
the appropriate health care to people seeking asylum in Germany.

Education & Youth

We offer specialized educational opportunities for young refugees to help them
integrate as quickly as possible and find their place in our society – be it in
kindergarten, school, or on the job.

Integration & Work

Our educational opportunities for adults and our network of employers actively
support refugees in integrating into society and benefit the cohesion needed to
guarantee a lasting coexistence on equal terms.


Only the help of our volunteers enables us to realize our ongoing activities to this
extent. If you are interested in becoming involved, please feel free to contact us.


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Our focus is on people

We are Home’ – our mission statement is more than a slogan. It’s the mindset with which we treat people in need on equal terms. A home is more than just a roof over one’s head. It’s a place where people can feel safe and welcome, even if their stay is only temporary. That’s why people searching for a new residence are not merely inhabitants to us. Each of them has their own, often emotionally touching story. Many of them are uprooted and must find a new start. We stand by their side and provide empathetic as well as competent support.


Educational Opportunities

Child Care



“Great team and awesome people! Working with Apardo is going very well.”

Asis W

“Apardo has always been fair to me. I feel taken care of and there are many opportunities to improve myself.”

Ali A

“ “Apardo helped me to sort out my life and create a fresh start.””

Arsin M