Apardo GmbH

The Apardo group is an organization for infrastructure and integration services, active in three major areas:

– the operation of refugee shelters and the support of refugees as well as the care and support for the elderly, consolidated under the Apardo Assisted Living GmbH

– Facility, Security, and Protection services for buildings and property, consolidated under the Apardo Facility GmbH

– Access to language and education for a successful integration, consolidated under the Apardo Education & Integration GmbH


Apardo Assisted Living GmbH

The Apardo Assisted Living GmbH provides care and support for refugees, adolescents and young adults from difficult social backgrounds as well as for senior citizens who are dependent on daily care because of age or health reasons.
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Apardo Facility GmbH

The Apardo Facility GmbH is a company that provides a wide range of facility, security, and protection services for buildings and property. At the same time, Apardo Facility offers the possibility of a first entry point into working life to people in the support system of the Apardo business group – this is how we practice integration.

apk gGmbH

Finally, the apk gGmbH focuses on the most important aspect for any successful integration going forward: language and education. Apardo creates a résumé for every resident of the refugee shelters – What is their educational and professional history? What is their idea for a future career in Germany? Based on this information, Apardo supports further integration, assisting with the search for an internship, placement into apprenticeship positions, or even into direct employment. Topics are examined from the angles of different disciplines, subsequently assembling the specialized knowledge into a comprehensive overview. Because of that, the Apardo concept, an accelerated integration through language training incorporated into a practical occupation. Created to be specifically based on the requirements of those who found their way to Germany, it empowers the individual, orients itself on their goals and abilities, and thus contributes to the refugee’s ability to make their own first steps in an unknown country, confident and self-affirmed from the start.

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